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Forklift Operator Training

This course is designed for candidates who have previous operator experience. It is a one day course which includes both a theory and a practical "hands on" training section. Each participant receives a manual, a certificate of participation and a wallet card.

Crane/Hoist & Rigging  Training

This course is tailored to the specific operation of your company's equipment. Each participant receives a manual which includes pictures of actual work situations and samples used to show pre-operational inspection procedures. This course includes both a theory and practical portion. A certificate of participation will be issued to each employee.

Seaside Construction
Power Pole Repair

Man-Lift Operator Training

We have developed a comprehensive training program for either scissor or boom type man-lifts which includes all aspects of safe operating practices. Our training program is in accordance with requirements from the Canadian Standards Association. This training program is designed to be a one-day course at your facility, utilizing your man-lift and is tailored to your specific man-lift model. Training includes both a theory portion and practical portion for "hands on" participation. Each participant will receive a manual, a certificate, and a wallet card.

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