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Fall Arrest Inspections

Technical Loadarm provides inspection on all lanyard and safety harness assemblies. Our inspection process includes confirmation of proper markings, “D” ring assembly and buckle integrity. All inspections meet or exceed OHSA / OSHA / ANSI standards. Our process follows guidelines set forth by CAN / CSA-Z259-10-M90. Call our staff for information on lanyard, safety belt and lifeline inspections.
Safe workplace rigger wearing working at heights harness clipping an inertia reel shock ab


Close up pics of male industrial rope access worker wearing dressing fall arrest safety pr

Safety Harness

Male hand wearing a safety glove clipping inertia reel connecting into lanyard shock absor

Self Retracting Life Line

Get your Fall Arrest equipment inspected and certified. If you have any questions about what needs to be inspected and how often please call our safety team today.

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