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Man Lift Inspections

Technical Loadarm provides inspections / certification for all types of manlifts – our processes encompass telescoping boom manlifts as well as scissor lifts.  Our inspections include pin and bushing mounts, platforms, as well as turrets and out riggers.  All inspections meet or exceed ASME B30.23 23-1.1.1.  Contact our staff for more details.
Workers use the elevator to work in the construction area..jpg

Boom Lift Inspection

Scissor lift platform parked on a construction site after job is done..jpg

Scissor Lift Inspection

Elavator lift for passenger to the railway station T-centralen in Stockholm. Accessible ci

Structural Lift Inspection

10 Year Man Lift Certification

Technical Loadarm provides an engineered structural certification per CSA B354.2-01 and B354.4-02.  The engineered certification ensures your manlifts are structurally sound and have satisfactory stability.  The standard calls for this certification ten years after manufacture date, and every five years thereafter.  Call our team for further details.

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